About Mälarhamnar


Vacant, CEO

Management team:

Vacant, CEO

Magdalena Fager-Lindgren, HR

Morgan Leidström, CFO

Patrizia Wallén, Business Manager

Tobias Samuelsson, Production Manager

Mustafa Salih, Facility Manager


Mälarhamnar AB is  owned by by the City of Västerås and the Municipality of Köping. The city of Västerås owns 55% and Köpings municipality 45%.


The ports in Lake Mälaren have a very old history. With its strategic location at Lake Mälaren, Västerås and Köpings ports were an important center of trade in the Lake Mälaren early on in the history.

The port of Västerås is much older than the city, even before the year 1000, the place where river Svartån opens into Lake Mälaren was a well-visited marketplace. During the Middle Ages, iron was shipped from the Western mountains mainly from the ports of Arboga and Köping – to some extent also from Örebro – and it was not long before Västerås became the most important port city on western Lake Mälaren.

Early on, Köping was a center for trade and traffic. It was thanks to its location at the innermost cove of Lake Mälaren and at the intersection of the historic east-west royal road and the old all-color road in the north-south direction from Bergslagen. For the cabins and blacksmiths’ products as well as for agricultural products from the fertile Lake Mälar, the port of Köping became the natural transhipment site.

In 1819 the Lake Mälaren was connected to the Baltic Sea by the completion of the Södertälje canal.


We want at least 90% of our Customers to be pleased by our service

We want at least 90% of our staff to be motivated to do their best every week, every day, every hour

We shall have good profitability and growth, at least 5% return on total capital

We want to dubbel our volyms of bulk and trippel our volyms of container

We must minimize our climate imprint


Mälarhamnar AB is environment and quality certified, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015