We offer al the services our customers demand in form of handling and storage regardless type of goods. We can handle bulk, container and projects of your choice.

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We have 2 120 meters of queys.

850 meters in Köping 7,00 meters depth. Including roll on – roll of

1 170 meters in Västerås 7,00 meters depth.


We can store all types of goods at our surfaces, warehouses and tent-warehouses. We have 87 000 squaremeters of warehouse and 370 000 squaremeters of surface.

Cranes and Machines

Our cranes, machines and tools  can handle all types of goods regardless if you need to be served i Köping or in Västerås.

E-crane is for speed

Gottwald is for strength

Multidocker is for flexibility


We have over 9 000 meters of railway tracks within and directly adjacent to the ports. In Västerås there are 8 000 meters and in Köping 1 100 meters. In Västerås there is a roundabout from the Mälarbanan and the ranger yard all the way down to the quay. In Köping there are track tracks right in, in the heart of the harbor area.

The railroad tracks are open to all railway companies that have the necessary permits for rail traffic as well as the companies that are authorized to organize rail traffic.

Regular vessels

SUN Line Shipping AB have regular lines and use the port of Västerås for transhipment. Once a week bounds M/V Frej, M/V Alrek or M/V Odin.

Here can you find contactinformation to SUN Line

Tugboats and icebreakers

The ice-breaking tugboats are your guarantee of a safe passage in Lake Mälaren and the port areas, even under harsh winter conditions.